New Music From Elvis Perkins

Releases March 10th



Katherine Houstoun wrote a great article about us in the February/March issue of Belle, Style Weekly's Magazine For Women.  Pick up a copy if you have a chance.  
P.S. It's got also got recipes in the back for chocolate truffles that you can make at home.

My Crew

I know, I know they're pretty tough.

Nostalgic Jewelry

Here is what I was working on this weekend.  Did you ever make Shrinky Dinks when you were a kid?  Well, I came up with some new necklace designs using a similar material and process. See more at Garnett Jewelry.


Amazing Cut Out Wedges

The amazing Asti by Jeffrey Campbell available exclusively at Need Supply Co.


Small crush...okay big crush

I cannot stop listening to The Con by Tegan and Sara.  

Fringe Festival-Lily Donaldson

I'm really into fringe lately.  I need to come up with a design to incorporate this.

First Cast Piece

This trophy was made using the lost-wax process.  I worked on it for weeks and couldn't help myself when it was time to actually cast- I had to do it in gold.  After all you only get one shot once using this technique so you might as well go for it.  
Below is a link on the particulars of the process if you are interested.


Thanks for the love Need Supply!!

My Necklace Addiction
"I have a major thing for necklaces and I wear one every day. For the past couple of months I’ve been neglecting my necklace collection except for these two. First up, my knife necklace from Garnett Jewelry. Mine has a tooth charm, but I love this one with the key so much that I might need two."   -chrissy


Not edible, but definitely adorable...

Ritz Cracker Necklace available online  or in store at Need Supply Co. in Richmond, Virginia.