Just For Mom

Don't forget Mother's Day is coming up in just a couple weeks.  Check out more gift ideas perfect for the occasion here.  Orders ship free, but don't wait too long to insure your gift will be delivered before May 10th.


Jewelry Bluegrass Style!

This is an actual miniature Hohner harmonica.  You can purchase this online at Garnett Jewelry or at Need Supply Co. in Carytown if you find yourself in Richmond, Virginia.  


Plaster Art

When I was younger and someone had a broken arm or leg we decorated their cast with silly drawings or signed our names.  This really takes it to 
the next level!  Artist Heather Tompkins drew this anatomical illustration on the casted arm of her friend Illustrator Taylor White.  


Complex Sweats

I wish I looked this good in a pair of sweats and baggy tee.  From complexgeometries fall 09' collection.


3-D Photos

Artist Susy Oliveira creates these large scale sculptures by wrapping foam core with color photographs.  Clockwise, these pieces are called Bird on a Log, The Living Boy, Time Is Never Wasted, and The Girl and the Bear. 


Snack Time

Saltine Cracker Necklace available now online at Garnett Jewelry for $24


Pop Up Forest

Paper artist Lizzie Thomas' pocket sized paper cut paper forest.  Pocket Sized!