Mattieu and Leola

Nicole Licht is the artist responsible for these amazing soft sculptures. Mattieu and Leola are both available for purchase at theshinysquirrel.com.
Matthieu is made from a silk/linen mix. He has ultra-suede features, a faux fur mane with velvet trim and leather and feather details. 
Leola is made from a silk/linen mix. She has wool cashmere rosy cheeks, ultra-suede features, a faux fur mane with vintage and new ribbon trims. 


Dolls For Grownups

Servane Gaxotte is a jewelry designer/artist from France who crafts these amazing doll necklaces.  She has added animals to the spring /summer 2009 collection.  I don't own one of her designs yet, but maybe one day. For now I will just have to admire from afar.
image from mardeau.com


Cupcakes In Disguise

Mini cupcakes topped with frosting and little "popcorn kernels" made of marshmallow.
Little Slider Cupcakes!  Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with shredded coconut "lettuce" and "mustard" and "ketchup" icing. 
See more of Lisa Smiley's sweet treats on her blog Smiley's Sweets And Creations.


Artist Eiko Ishizawa's "The Great Sleeping Bear" sleeping bag sculpture.  See more work here.


"Wild Things" Are Coming Soon

Here is the first "Where the Wild Things Are" poster for the Spike Jonze movie due out fall 2009.  

Micro Knitting?!

I love tiny things, but tiny (note magnification of ridges on the fingers holding these) doesn't begin to describe the size of these little gloves.   Althea Crome is the "miniature knitter" responsible for these.  Check out more of her stuff here.


For You...

You must check this guy's site out.  He wants to sell you stuff.  Weird and strange stuff.  Stuff you definitely won't find anywhere else...I promise.

Amazing Beaded Necklaces

I found all of these beaded necklaces on ebay.  
I wonder how long these took to make...

"Diamonds On My Neck" Necklace

"Diamonds on my neck, dia-diamonds on my necklace..." Cutout diamond necklace by Garnett Jewlery as featured on NOTCOUTURE


Bug the Rat

It's real I swear.  So my friend at work turned me onto cuteoverload.com and now I am hooked.  I don't normally go for shots that seem posed especially when they involve animals, but this is for real.  I tracked this picture back to flickr and found a bunch more amazing photographs of "Bug" the rat taken by her person Jessica Florence.  


Animal Cookies

Snow day project...