Won Hundred Atlast

Been waiting so long...
Hand in Gingerbread by Won Hundred
Available now at NeedSupply[dot]Com


Spun Gold

Ignore the creepy mannequin and focus instead on the fringey, crochety, lacey, drapey top.  I love it, but I can't justify $145 for it.  Right?

via Persephone Vintage on etsy


Na Nin Vintage For @NeedSupply

I love the new look book they put up recently over at needsupply.com.  Looks like it was a fun shoot and there is some great vintage to be had.  And one of my all time personal favorites the Coral Beaded necklace pops up throughout the look book as well.

See more of Na Nin Vintage and shop the looks at Need Supply Co.


Montgomery Rag

A road trip to Athens, Georgia may be in order.  



A girl after my own heart.  Everyone knows I love a triangle.  Baby Bag by bf/gf.

available here


Obelisk Necklace and more

I am excited to share some of the new pieces from my Spring 2011 Collection.  
Obelisk Necklace
24 Karat Necklace
Curvatures Necklace
Portal Earrings
Tension Earrings
Available now at Garnett Jewelry



I came across these handkerchief knickers on etsy the other day-I think they were part of a Valentine themed post they did.  Aren't they the sweetest?


Lucky Number 5

Amazing 70's platforms found on etsy.  

via Midnight Flight on etsy