Philanthropy At Your Fingertips

Here is a quick and easy way to find out what you can do for someone else right in your own backyard.  The organization is called Volunteer Match.  Just enter your zip code and all the different opportunities in your community will pop up.  There is even a "Virtual Opportunities" option so you can contribute without even leaving your house. 

Mash-Ups For Your Wrist

Here is a piece I just finished from the new bracelet collection I have been working on.  I may need to keep this one for myself though...See more here


Take Your Pick

Sweet vintage style flower studs in three colors available at Garnett Jewelry.  Three pack includes a pair each of white, yellow and bright pink-perfect for summer.


Lily Lily Lily

Just look at this beautiful drawing of Lily Cole done by the talented Danny Roberts.  Check out more of his amazing illustrations here.
found at Igor and Andre  


Paper Birds and Horses

Australian artist Anna-Wili Highfield creates 3 dimensional sculptures out of paper.  She uses torn scraps of water color paper and cardboard and sews them together to make amazing pieces like these...


Tim does Alice

Here are some photos for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland due to release March 2010.  Can you imagine getting to design the costumes for this.  Amazing!!


Cutout Wedges

Here are some shoes I ordered for myself recently.  I hope they fit...


New Earrings For Need Supply Co.

We have a cute earring 3 pack of sweet flower studs available now at needsupply[dot]com.  Lot's of other fun stuff to see as well like tons of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and I hear they are getting Motel dresses soon!!!



So my friend Adriana and I were in L.A. recently and were shopping at Creatures of Comfort (no trip to L.A. would be complete without stopping in) and she found this amazing onesie by Mociun.  Super cute cutout back!


Flourishes Necklace

White enamel feather like flourishing on this necklace contrasts perfectly with the soft gold accents.  A subtle statement piece.


Even PETA Would Approve

Animal friendly old school stole.  Laser cut wool felt by Monsieur Reinaert available at spring.

Old Hollywood Glamour

Here is a new piece I made recently.  It's quite a bit fancy compared to the stuff I do usually, but I couldn't image going any other direction with those sparkly glass buttons.


Happiest. People. Ever.

Check out this blog all about grumpy people caught on film.


Comet's Tail Necklace

This one reminds me of a shooting star or a comet.  See more new necklaces at Garnett Jewelry.


Kittens Inspired By Kittens

My friend Skye told me I should watch this video on You Tube.  I'm not much of a You Tube person, but I watched it anyways and I'm glad I did.  You may have already seen this one, but it's still cute the second time through.