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Here is the interview that we did for Jeffrey Campbell last week.  We are so flattered!  Thanks for the love you guys!!  


July 25 2011
If you were wondering where the fab jewelry from our DOWNTOWN GIRL look book came from, we were lucky enough to borrow it from our good friend Aimee Munford, designer and owner of GARNETT JEWLERY. Last week we caught up with Aimee and asked her a few questions about what inspires her, how she got started in the industry, and any advice she would give to anyone out there looking to break in to one of the coolest areas of the fashion world.
1. How did you get started in jewelry?
I have always needed to have a creative outlet.  I was a photography major in college, but have also dabbled in painting, printmaking, sculpture and fiber arts and making jewelry just came about naturally out of a desire to create something unique and original.
2. What inspires you?
I find inspiration all around me in color, and nature and the creative energy of other artists.  I am never at a loss for inspiration.  I really feel inspiration is all in how one looks at things and you just need to be open to seeing things in your own way; in a different unconventional light.
3. Who are your favorite designers?
My favorite designers are the ones who create to the beat of their own drum-one’s who go their own path. Authenticity is a must!
4. What’s on your iPod?
Bob Marley (always Bob Marley), K’naan, Stevie Wonder, Palace Music , Neil Young, Stereolab, Blonde Redhead
5. Uptown Girl or Downtown Girl?
Duh-Downtown Girl
6. What advice would you give to someone who wants to break into the industry?
My advice to anyone starting out trying to build their own business is to be patient and stick with it-It’s not going to happen overnight.  Reach out to other people in your industry who you respect and trust and utilize all your resources.  And don’t forget to pay it forward when you make it big.
The “Coba” earrings by Garnett Jewelry available HERE.
The “Equilateral” triangle pendant necklace by Garnett Jewelry available HERE.
We’re also obsessed with SO many more of Garnett’s pieces, which can all be seen at their official site! Here are just a few that we’re currently coveting:
Where do we even begin? Let us know what your favorite piece from Garnett Jewelry is!

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